Mário Rui Domingues Ferreira da Cruz

Professor/a Adjunto/a

Politécnico do Porto - Escola Superior de Educação


Mário Cruz is Associate Professor at Politécnico do Porto - Escola Superior de Educação, where he teaches Spanish as a Foreign Language, Hispano-American Literature and Culture, Didactics of Languages, Intercultural Education and Educational Technology. He holds a graduate degree in Teaching of English and German, a M.A. in Didactics of Languages, a M.A. in Teaching of English and Spanish at Basic Education, a M.A. in Teaching of English and Spanish at 3rd Cycle of Basic Education and Secondary School, a PhD in Didactics and Professional Development and another  PhD in Linguistic Studies. He is also a researcher at CIDTFF -  Research Centre on Didactics and Technology in the Education of Trainers and an integrated researcher at inED - Centre for Research and Innovation in Education, where he coordinates the research project entitled CLIL 4 U and is the co-editor of Sensos-e Journal. He is the author and reviewer of scientific articles in the field of Didactics of Languages, Applied Linguistics, Special Needs Education and ICT applied to Langues Teaching.