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Innovate with ICT in initial teacher training to promote methodological renewal in pre-school education and primary and middle school


The social and technological revolution has provoked the re-creation of the industrial paradigm and the birth of a new era whose sustainability imposes a collaborative and value-creating process that drives the qualification within each vector (Oliveira-Martins, 2017; INCoDe.2030, 2017, Quadros-Flores, 2016, Redecker, 2017, Schleicher, 2017). In the context of education, this scenario promotes teaching to the front line, so we intend to rethink the educational practice with ICT in the initial teacher training in order to promote methodological renewal in Pre-school Education and in the 1st and 2nd Cycles Basic of Education. By articulating the different curricular areas, we will apply surveys that, after being analyzed, will have repercussions on student training and, consequently, on the methodological designe of his / her ICT practices to be applied in real contexts. An analysis of the results and reflection of the conference will result in a book of good practice in the different areas proposed.

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