Ethics Committee

Created in May 2019, the Ethics Committee of the Centre for Research and Innovation in Education (inED), of the School of Education of the Polytechnic of Porto, is a multidisciplinary and independent body, assuming an advisory nature in the observance and promotion of ethical standards in the research activities developed in inED.

The Committee is responsible for promoting compliance with the assumptions of respect for human dignity and integrity, considering the professional codes of ethics, as well as the regulations approved at national and international level on this matter, ensuring the preparation of documents, opinions and recommendations on the research work carried out within inED.


Dárida Fernandes (President)

Fernando Santos (Vice-President)

Ana Cristina Macedo

Carla Elisabete Duarte Peixoto e Melo de Carvalho

Maria Manuela Pessanha de Brito e Nóbrega


Instructions of the Process

In accordance with the Regulation, the Ethics Committee (EC) analyses the requests for an opinion sent to it within the scope of the research work developed at inED.

1. Preparation and submission of the request (form) by the Principal Investigator (sent to the email
2. Consideration of the request by the EC, with the preparation of a proposal for an opinion.
3. Consideration of the proposal and final decision on the opinion at the plenary meeting.
4. Opinions to be awarded:
   a) favourable: when the EC is in favour of carrying out the project as described;
   b) conditioned: requesting the reformulation of specific aspects, whose alteration - once documented - makes the opinion favourable without the need for re-examination;
conditioned, with a request for clarification/reformulation: when there is essential information missing and/or there are specific aspects that prevent its approval from the ethical point of view, requiring reformulation and a new appreciation;
   c) unfavourable: when the project is not appropriate from the ethical point of view.
5. The opinions issued by the Ethics Committee are communicated, preferably within a maximum of 45 working days, counting from the date of receipt of the request for an opinion


Documents (for consultation in the private area of the site)

- Rules and Regulations

- Submission Form

- Informed Consent Form

- IPP Code of Conduct

- Dispatch ESE/inED-001/2019 - Appointment of the Ethics Committee