José Santos dos Santos

Investigador Auxiliar


José Manuel Dos Santos Dos Santos. Completed the PhD in Computational Algebra in 2019/05/10 by Universidade Aberta, Master in Mathematics Teaching in 2000 by Porto University and Licentiate in Mathematics (Educational Branch) in 1993 by Porto University. In 2017 concluded the course of Advanced Studies in Computational Algebra in the Universidade Aberta. Concludes the European PhD Course in Sciences Teaching and Dissemination by Universidade do Porto Faculdade de Ciências in 2012. Is Researcher in Porto Polytecnic Institute, School of Education, in Research and Innovation Center in Education (inED) and in Center for Research & Development in Mathematics and Applications (CIDMA). Is also, the Principal Investigator in Portugal GeoGebra Institute . Work actually in Porto Polytechnic Institute and manage several projects with the Ibero American States Organization to Education, Culture and Science and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in order to collaborate with Training Teachers in Countries of Portuguese Language. Was researcher in Universidade de Lisboa Centro de Matemática Computacional e Estocástica. Works in the area(s) of Exact Sciences with emphasis on Mathematics and Sciences with emphasis applied Sciences Education. In their professional activities interacted with 14 collaborator(s) co-authorship of scientific papers. In his curriculum in Ciência Vitae the most frequent terms in the context of scientific, technological and artistic-cultural output are: Spherical geometry; Spherical tiling; GeoGebra; Complex Functions; TIC; Stereographic Projection ; Complex Analysis; Multivariate analysis; Domain colouring; Visualization; Mathematics Education Issues. Actualy is Editor-in-chief  and member of the Executive Committee of the Revista do Instituto GeoGebra internacional de São Paulo (IGISP) - ISSN 2237-9657 ( ).