Porto ICRE'19 - Porto International Conference on Research in Education 2019 – will take place in the Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal, between the 17th and the 19th of July, 2019. Similar to the previous edition (Porto ICRE’17), Porto ICRE’19 is organised by the Centre for Research and Innovation in Education (inED) of the School of Education, a structure that congregates researchers from different interrelated knowledge domains contributing for the broad and systematic study of Education.

Education is a central process in human lives, both for individuals and for societies. As a crucial and extensive process, that occurs since the first years, and through the life cycle, in a diversity of situations and contexts, Education has been the object of attention of researchers, professionals, policy decision-makers and general society.

Education, being a complex, culturally embedded process, must be understood as a multifaceted process whose study encompasses multiple scientific areas and perspectives. Porto ICRE’19, therefore, intends to bring together researchers, practitioners, stakeholders, and students, from diverse academic fields, to share and discuss educational issues within the conference themes.

Conference themes

Authors are invited to submit proposals for individual oral presentations, symposia and posters within the four general themes of the Conference:

(a) Teacher Education

(b) Special Education and Inclusion

(c) Culture, Art and Education

(d) Society Challenges and Education

More information: https://porto-icre2019.eventqualia.net/en/2019/home/