Seepro-r: Workforce profiles in systems of early childhood education and care in Europe



Across Europe, national systems of early childhood education and care (ECEC) are undergoing both expansion and consolidation, and the staff working in early years settings continue to be viewed as the key contributing factor to the quality of daily interactions with the children, their learning environments and their learning processes.

The SEEPRO-R provides a systematic review and analysis of the professional education/training systems of early childhood staff in 30 countries, placing these within the country-specific ECEC system and the wider socio-cultural context. The projet was built from a network of longstanding contacts in European universities, higher education institutions, research institutes and policy institutions.


The results of the project encompass:

- 30 Workforce Profiles (country reports) on the current status quo regarding the qualification requirements for early childhood education and care professionals (pedagogues, teachers, educators), the composition of the workforce, the systems of initial professional education and continuing professional development, current reform initiatives and research projects and selected aspects of the working conditions of staff in each of the 30 participating countries.

- 30 Key Contextual Data reports (country-specific background synopses) presenting the main features of the ECEC systems of the countries involved and also relevant demographic data. These were compiled by the project team and reviewed by our cooperation partners.

All documents are presented in English ( and in German (, thus providing a resource for a wide audience of early childhood teacher educators in higher and vocational education, national and local government administrations, employers/service providers in the ECEC field, researchers, early years practitioners and other interested persons.

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