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Although there is already much empirical evidence on what works in childhood education, this evidence is not always adopted in childcare and kindergartens. We intend to facilitate access to the results of scientific research, making it more appealing and relevant. Thus, we will seek to encourage readers to reflect on current practices and enhance curiosity and innovation.

Four brother blogs

The Portuguese blog communicates with blogs developed in Belgium, the Netherlands and Poland and, along with these, will contribute to a European blog:

Kleutergewijs (Flanders, Belgium) (The Netherlands)

Czym skorupka (Poland)

Each of the national blogs communicates with the country's education professionals, in their own language, considering the educational context. The European blog will communicate with relevant actors in the European context, using the English language. Messages published in national blogs will be translated into the European blog and messages published on the European blog will be translated into national blogs to promote the exchange and dissemination of innovative practices across borders.

This initiative involves 12 partner organizations, including three Portuguese institutions, which collaborate in the context of the BECERID project financed under the Erasmus + Program.

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Odisee - Bélgica
UC Leuven - Bélgica
Universitet Utrecht - Holanda
Thomas More Kempen - Holanda
Stichting Fontys - Holanda
ISCTE - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa - Portugal
Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa - Portugal
Uniwersytet Warszawski - Polónia
Instytit Komenskiego - Polónia
Akademia Pedagogiki Specjalnej im Marii Grzegorzewskiej - Polónia

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