Objectives of inED:

1 – Foster research and innovation through:

  1. Promoting initiatives leading to the development of projects;
  2. Stimulating and endorsing project applications to financing entities/funding bodies;
  3. Promoting activities for knowledge sharing, dissemination and reflection on projects;
  4. Collaborating in the training of new researchers;
  5. Creating and updating the means of information on its activities.

2 – To promote collaborations between different areas of knowledge of ESE, namely those leading to migrations and conceptual and practical inter-hybridization and the intersection and sinergy of explanatory and intervening ideals to the conception and realisation of projects that express and foster the multifaceted prolificacy of the school.

3 – Promote collaborations between ESE and other entities, both at national and international level.

4 – Become and remain a unit fully recognized and evaluated by the competent national authority of certification and evaluation of the scientific system, continuously striving for excellence.

5 – Edit the Journal Sensos as a way to disseminate knowledge and the ongoing research and innovation work in Education.