The inED – Centre for Research and Innovation in Education is a scientific research unit, acknowledged by its affiliation institution the School of Education of the Polytechnic Institute of Porto ESEIPP. inED has scientific autonomy. It aims to foster research and innovation, giving priority to collaborations with other national and international institutions, focusing on: (I) promoting initiatives towards the elaboration of projects; (ii) promoting project applications to funding agencies; (iii) carrying out actions to share knowledge and reflection on projects; (Iv) training of new researchers; (V) disseminating and updating information about its activities.

In a school with such a diversified profiles of scientific areas, formations, and interests, the projects that are being developed reflect this plurality. This diversity constitutes an enormous wealth, provided it is well-conscientized and systematized. The inED seeks to play a role of dynamisation, coordination and orientation, deepening ways to articulate this diversity, promoting synergies between projects and researchers, and sustaining an in-depth reflection on what constitutes Research and Innovation in a School of Education.

The work of inED is structured in 3 main research lines:

Line A: Educational and Training Process contexts

Line B: Educational and Social Intervention contexts

Line C: Heritage and Cultures